About me
I am self taught freelance graphic designer and photographer since 2009. I am greatfull for my clients to put money and trust in me so I was able to remain independent. I am also a proud father of one (second one is on the way) daugher who together with my wife are light of my life. I have many hobbies such as playing drums (music in general), DJing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Design and photography are still my hobbies but I managed to do it on proffesional level so it became my living.
My other projects:
Music Festival - Rockový Slunovrat
At 2012 we took over the production of this small festival and we managed to grow it from 500 visitors up to 6 000 visitors. It is now a two day event hosting more than 30 artist from all over the world. My main competence is deisgn, photo and video production. I am also one of the founders and part of the production team.
Website: www.rockovyslunovrat.cz

An even agency and rental service that was found thanks to the festival.
Website: www.rockovrat.cz
Anna & Tom
Family and wedding photography what I am doing togther with my wife Anna. 
Website: www.annaatom.cz
Tri Kvítka
This is also project of me and my wife. We've recently started a farm for growing flowers. It's a small family farm and we do it all with love and respect to nature, so without any chemicals. We truly believe in local bussines and harmony with nature even though it is the harder way. It is also very rewarding and money is not always the reward. 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/trikvitka/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trikvitka

Feel free to contact me, not only for work, I am happy to talk about things I love (they are mentioned above).
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